Our Principals

Located in Copake, New York; High Voltage, Inc. (HVI) is the global leader in the designing and manufacturing of

Hi-Potential Test equipment -including Very Low Frequency (VLF) AC Units - used by the electric utility and large Industrial marketplace. Service and responsiveness plus experience and intellect make HVI the leader in high voltage test equipment.

  • LTC Field Service Kits.

  • Complete LTC assembly and remanufacturing services with core credit exchange.

  • NEW GE LRT-200-3 supply with core credit exchange.

  • $4mil LTC and OCB parts inventory.

  • Same-day shipment before 3 PM (CST).

Since 1986, SMC has been designing and manufacturing Portable Measurement Equipment for substation and plant apparatus testing and maintenance. SMC offers a variety of Single- and 3-Phase Relay Test sets, High Current & Voltage Injection gear, Circuit Breaker Analyzers, Phase Angle Meters, Micro-Ohm Meters, and more.

Representing 2 of ILJIN Electric Co.’s 3 business divisions: Power Cable and Power Transformers.

Since its establishment in 1973, ILJIN has led the global wheel bearing market in growth and innovation. ILJIN strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction through customer focus and a top-down quality focus based on creative innovation management. Today ILJIN is a world-class company that realizes the highest customer values.

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