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About Us


Core Values


Technical Research & Development; Community Re-Investment best define the Core Values of Legacy Power Solutions, LLC.


Technical issues, challenges and developments; as such I want to include Technical Developments as a corporate “core value”. Furthermore, the concept of Giving Back (Re-Investment) to the communities where we live, the communities where we work and the communities where our market (electric utilities) lives - appeals to me and I would expect one that most people in our business can relate to and embrace.


Helping in the research and promotion of new technologies that solve problems for the electric utility market, by making them and their systems more efficient and safer can be relatively and objectively identified and measured. Saving money is a good thing. Efficiencies can be measured in dollars and cents and in conservation of earth’s resources and improved resiliency; ultimately increasing accessibility and saving the consumer money while using less and less of earth’s resources with less and less damage. Safety is measured in Lost Time, EMR and Workman’s Compensation records.


Contributing directly to the development of new and exciting technologies that enhance and improve mankind’s’ electrical power needs and requirements; and knowing that those improvements will indirectly improve the quality of life for individuals and communities, around the globe, is the core purpose of Legacy Power Solutions it’s team members and associates

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